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Simple Draw v1.0

Written by Dan Hargett

SimpleDraw is a free simple drawing program for the causal doodler. This is the kind of program I was looking for when I wanted to draw on my Palm. But I couldn't find just the right thing, so I wrote this program!

How to Install:

To install SimpleDraw, just simply double click the SimpleDraw.prc file and Double click the PtoolboxLib.prc and then HotSync.

How to use SimpleDraw:

Using simple draw is very, well, simple. Just draw straight to the screen like you would on paper . To clear the screen press the Address book button. To save press the To do button. To restore the last picture you saved press the memopad button. To view info about the program, hit the datebook button. For help hit the PageDown button. To exit, hit the PageUp button.


This program will work with PalmOS 2.0 and later.

Send questions, comments or ideas to I am working on a much more advanced program at the moment that I expect to be done by the end of 2001 and right now plan to release as freeware. For updates check my webpage