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UltimateDraw is based on SimpleDraw, but has many many many more features. We have been continually frustrated by all the different drawing programs that bring something unique to the table, but those each do one thing. With UltimateDraw we have scoured the Internet looking at PalmOS drawing programs and decided which of the many features to include. Here are just a few:
1)256 Color support
3)Fill patterns (customizable)
4)Make animation sequences out of your sketches
5)Export to bitmap on your Desktop PC
6)Pen Widths
7)Beaming Support
8)IR whiteboard function, so users can both view the drawing and change it in realtime
9)Hopefully Import function, to import your pictures from other draw programs
10)Smoothing filter
11)Basic shapes
Release date: None set
Ganja Farmer

You are a security guard for the Garbanzo drug lord and in your trusty military vehicle you must protect his fields from secret service agents, weed killer bombs, and space aliens. Are you up for it?
Realease date:November 2001